Khayelitsha commission gets underway

The commission of inquiry into police inefficiencies will begin with police station visits today.

Commissioners at a sitting ahead of public hearings at the Commission of Inquiry into policing in Khayelitsha on 12 November 2013. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The commission of inquiry into police inefficiency in Khayelitsha gets underway today.

It will start conducting site visits of police stations in the area.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille established the commission in 2012, to investigate claims of police inefficiency in the township and root-out issues of mob justice in the township.

The commission's investigations have not gone as smoothly as hoped, with Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa trying to declare the commission unlawful.

But the minister's efforts were shot down by the Constitutional Court last year.

The commission's Amanda Dissel says, "We have two days where the commission will be doing an inspection in-loco in Khayelitsha. So we're visiting all the police stations. We also have an evening inspection, where we're looking at various sites in the community that have been pointed out by complainant organisations as well as some of our witnesses."

She says there are specific areas they will be targeting.

"We're going to look at the physical layout and a few areas that the commission is interested in looking at. We'll be looking at the charge office and the community service centre; the office space, some of their resource constraints and their working environment."