Energy Summit underway in Abu Dhabi

The World Future Energy Summit for a greener planet kicks off in Abu Dhabi today.

A car, made by the designers of ferrari and maserati at the World Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. Picture: Belinda Moses

ABU DHABI- Green professionals from around the globe are in Abu Dhabi for the start of the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) today.

Approximately 170 country representatives will help open the massive exhibition that hopes to debate and discuss how to keep the world cleaner.

Energy efficiency, cleaner cities and the power of solar energy; that's just some of what experts, politicians, and businessmen are in Abu Dhabi to talk about.

Africa is strongly represented, with a focus on how developing countries can go green too.

South Africa is exhibiting five companies, one of which is Aspire Project Management, that's pushing solar energy products.

The company's Shireen Sayed says, "As South Africans we rely heavily on coal. At the moment, as you know, it's a dirty form of energy. But it's also finite source of energy as well. This is quite a critical summit."

The massive exhibition has massive solar inventions from hairdryers to cars and there's even a green house on display, made to actual size.