MEC slams school ‘donations’ scandal

Limpopo Education MEC says no fees means no fees, responding to reports of extortion.

Tsogang Primary School in Ramadumo village, Limpopo, 15 January 2014. Picture: Tara Meaney/EWN.

LIMPOPO - Limpopo Education MEC Dikeledi Magadzi has described the 'reports for donations scandal' as a disgusting and shocking rights abuse.

Parents in parts of rural Limpopo have expressed their anger at being ordered to pay a R150 'donation' at no-fee schools in exchange for their children's reports.

Parents also told non-government organisation Basic Education For All that teachers were taking their children's chairs away, saying they would only hand them back when the so called 'donation' was paid.

Magadzi says she's outraged over claims that children are being forced to sit on the floor of class until their parents pay up.

"It is very disgusting, I must say. If a learner is now tossed between these two bulls that are fighting for something that actually government has tried to deal with, I've got very serious problems with that."

She says the term no-fee school is self-explanatory.

"The reason why government came about with the no-fee schools is precisely because we wanted everybody to have access to education."

Government is not resting on its laurels and has warned any one implicated in this scandal to expect severe punishment.