Phiyega makes changes to CIU

Structural changes will now separate the Crime Intelligence Unit from the Protection Unit.

National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega has announced major structural changes to the controversial Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU).

The division has stumbled from one scandal to the next and was run almost exclusively by senior officers in acting positions.

The commissioner hopes the changes will stabilise the unit.

In essence, the major change will see the CIU separated from the Protection and Security Services.

The two units have been functioning as one entity, which is believed to be the root of the instability in the division.

The police's Solomon Makgale says, "CIU is now functioning in a manner that it's supposed to and delivering on the services that it's supposed to deliver on."

The police has advertised positions for nine new intelligence heads and dozens of regular posts.

Suspended CIU boss Chris Ngcobo, who's behind the criminal charges laid against Phiyega, was from the Protection Services.

The action was prompted after Ngcobo instructed his officers in Cape Town to open a case against Phiyega after listening to a phone conversation between her and Western Cape Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer.

She is accused of tipping off Lamoer about an investigation being carried out by the CIU against him.