Yolande Korkie asks al-Qaeda to release husband

Yolande Korkie has been told to secure R32.4 mln for her husband's freedom.

Yolande Korkie attends a press conference in Johannesburg on 16 January 2014. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The wife of a South African man being held hostage in Yemen has made an international plea to al-Qaeda to release him.

Pierre and Yolande Korkie were captured by al-Qaeda on 27 May last year.

Last week, she was released and told by the militants to secure R32.4 million for her husband's freedom.

Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman said, "This media conference is about an international appeal for a stay of execution."

Sooliman says they've reached a crisis point in negotiations with al-Qaeda and have resorted to an international plea for Pierre's freedom.

"Negotiations have not been going well for the last 24 hours."

Yolande arrived in South Africa this week and appeared frail and exhausted.

She made an emotional appeal for her husband's freedom.

"Al-Qaeda, thank you for releasing me and giving me back to my children. I'm asking you to please release my husband."

The Gift of the Givers says the next 24 hours will be crucial for the Bloemfontein teacher and they're waiting for an update from their negotiator in Yemen.