Karegeya murder: Suspects to be extradited

Four Rwandan nationals arrested in connection with the murder will be extradited to SA.

The Michelangelo Towers in Sandton, where former Rwandan spymaster Patrick Karegeya was found dead on 1 January 2014. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Four Rwandan nationals, including a senior military official will now be extradited to South Africa after they were arrested in Mozambique in connection with the murder of former Rwandan spy boss Patrick Karegeya.

Karegeya was found dead in his hotel room in Sandton on New Year's Day.

Police say the four suspects were taken into custody a week ago.

Mozambique authorities say one of the suspects linked to Karegeya's murder is a senior police official in the Rwandan armed forces.

Initial forensic investigations by local police indicated that Karegeya may have been strangled.

A blood stained towel and curtain cord were apparently found in a safe in his hotel room.

The former director of the Rwandan external intelligence service has been living in exile in this country for the past seven years.

Mozambique police say the suspects were detained following a tip off from their South African counterparts.

The government has condemned the killing, saying those responsible should feel the full might of the law.