Housing protests in Valhalla Park

Residents took to the streets to demand proper housing on Wednesday.

Protesters burnt tyres during a housing protest in Valhalla Park on 15 January 2014. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A protest has broken out at the Agstelaan informal settlement in Valhalla Park over housing.

The trouble started after eight shacks were gutted in a fire earlier today.

It follows a massive blaze which left 1,400 people homeless in December.

Police are monitoring the situation.

On Wednesday afternoon, residents took to the streets burning tyres in protest.

The trouble started when eight shacks caught fire in a suspected arson attack.

But the exact cause of the fire is unknown.

Residents want the City of Cape Town to provide them with a proper housing plan.

They say they are tired of living in shacks.

The situation is calm for now and cleaners have been brought in to clear the rubble off the road.