Mothutlung: First day of school delayed

The opening of schools in Mothutlung has been delayed due to water shortages.

Protesters gather for a community meeting in Mothutlung, North West, following the deaths of two people. 14 January 2014. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - In the North West township of Mothutlung, which has been the scene of violent service delivery protests this week, schooling has been delayed at the Mohajane Primary School.

Some pupils at the school say they didn't have water to bath before schools reopened their gates at 7:30 this morning, while others said they didn't bath at all.

Three people have died in the township, allegedly at the hands of police, due to violent clashes sparked by water shortages.

Michael Keutswileng, who is a Grade 5 pupil at Mohajane Primary, says for the first time since he started school, he was less enthusiastic about returning to the classroom this morning.

He says this is because he had to walk more than a kilometer to a local stream and fetch water he could use for a bath, something he is not used to doing.

"When I woke up this morning I took a bucket and walked to river to get water so that I could bath because there's no water."

Keutswileng is one of many pupils in Mothutlung who say they've had to use water sparingly because of shortages, or didn't take a bath at all.

But school children say they will not allow this to dampen their spirits as they look forward to starting a new school year.

Meanwhile, the situation is calm in the township this morning following three days of emotionally charged protests.