Lions: No evidence of interference

CEO Greg Fredericks says there is no evidence of the interference that led to Alviro Petersen stepping down.

Alviro Petersen stepped down as captain of the bizhub Highveld Lions after alledged interference by the convenor of selectors and the Lions board. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - Greg Fredericks, Chief Executive Officer of the Bizhub Highveld Lions, admits that he cannot find evidence of Alviro Petersen's position as captain being undermined by perceived interference by the convener of the selectors and the board.

Fredericks was responding to Petersen's decision to step down as captain of the franchise.

Having spoken to Petersen, coach Geoffrey Toyana and convener of the selectors Hussein Manack, Fredericks says the player's role was never compromised.

"I was really trying to find out where all the stories have come from, where the interference took place, and what the intervention was. I'm really trying to find out what Mr Manack did that warranted Alviro's feelings that the team strategy and the game plan was interfered with. Unfortunately, I could not determine any of that."

Fredericks believes that Petersen's frustration may be due to the meeting that was held between the parties to sort out any strife between the sides.

He is hoping to have a meeting with Petersen to sort out any issues that he may have.

"I want to sit with Alviro on Thursday when they come back from Cape Town to go through this whole thing. Maybe there was something that I missed, or something that he missed, or maybe there is another context to the matter that I am not aware of."

Fredericks says the board wants Petersen to continue to play for the club, stating that the player is vital to the team.

"At this point we would like Alviro to continue. He's a valuable member of our team. He's a young player, a talented player and a national team player. He's valuable to us, and we need to really look at the situation. If there was any misunderstanding or other issue, we need to clear it up."