Mthethwa & Phiyega briefed on Mothutlung

The minister and commissioner are being briefed after two people were shot dead in Mothutlung.

Police in Brits, North West are investigating the death of two Mothotlung residents after a clash with police during a service delivery protest on Monday.

The minister and police commissioner are visiting the Brits Police Station.

Meanwhile, Mothutlung residents have resumed protest action.

Community members say they will not back down on their demands to have water restored in the area.

It's also been reported residents regrouped this morning, hurling stones at police who were trying to disperse them.

But North West police say the situation is calm and there is no violence.


As police maintain a strong presence in the township, it's understood yet another protester has been critically injured.

But police have yet to confirm this.

The man's family says he was thrown out of a moving police van this morning and eyewitnesses say he was protesting on the main road that leads to Mothutlung when police arrested him.

It's believed the 27-year-old man was suspected of public disturbance and was apprehended by the police before being thrown out of a moving nyala, believed to be from Brits.

His family says he is now in a critical condition in hospital.

At the same time, officers have been conducting mop-up operations in the area , removing rubble and rocks which residents used to block roads.