Krejcir ‘assassins’ plotted multiple hits

Police say four people arrested for a murder plot aimed to kill everyone on Krejcir’s case.

FILE: Radovan Krejcir appeared in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on 2 December 2013. Picture: Christa Van der Walt/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Police have confirmed that four people accused of a plot to kill forensic consultant Paul O'Sullivan and senior intelligence officer Nkosana 'Killer' Ximba are also alleged to have been targeting all the members of the team investigating Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir.

The four appeared in court on Monday facing several charges relating to the foiled plot against O'Sullivan and Ximba.

Police say they have received additional information that the alleged plotters were planning on killing the entire special task team investigating Krejcir on charges including assault and kidnapping.

The four accused appeared in court yesterday and face charges of conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with aggravated circumstances, vehicle theft and illegal possession of firearms.

It's understood officers are relying on data obtained from smartphones taken from the accused containing surveillance programmes and GPS coordinates of targets.

O'Sullivan says the four suspects are definitely linked to Krejcir but police won't confirm who the suspected assassins were working for until their bail application.