Correctional Services 'ignores' court ruling

Solidarity has accused Correctional Services of ignoring an AA court ruling.

Christopher February has accused Correctional Services of discriminating against him because of his race. Picture: Malungelo Booi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Trade union Solidarity says it plans to take the Department of Correctional Services to court again.

It wants to take action against the ministry for apparently failing to adhere to a landmark ruling on affirmative action handed down last year.

In 2013, the Cape Town Labour Court ruled Correctional Services' employment equity plan was unfair and should take both regional and national demographics into account when hiring or promoting coloured people.

But the trade union now claims the department is blatantly ignoring the ruling.

Solidarity's Dirk Hermann says, "We will ask the court to give us an interdict so that we can stop Correctional Services from implementing the national demographics."