Baby L case: Accused to launch bail application

A PTA North mom & her partner are accused of assaulting her daughter (2) and fracturing her skull.

The mother accused of trying to kill her two-year-old daughter cries in the stairwell leading to the holding cells at the Pretoria Magistrates Court, 6 January 2013. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A Pretoria North mother and her partner, who are accused of assaulting her two-year-old daughter referred to as Baby L, will launch their bail application in court today.

The couple was charged with attempted murder after a doctor treating the child reported extensive injuries she'd sustained to police.

The child is still being treated in hospital for numerous injuries, including a fractured skull.

Members if the Pretoria North community are expected to gather at the court and demand justice for the battered two-year-old.

The accused and her partner have a significant legal battle ahead of them and will face a community that doesn't want them freed and have even threatened them with harm.

The woman, who cannot be named because a minor is involved, was inconsolable when she appeared briefly in court last week.

It's alleged her partner told police her daughter had fallen off the washing machine when they were questioned about her injuries.