Santra plans to promote better management

Santra says it’s working on plan to promote better inner city management of informal traders in JHB.

And informal trader. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The South African National Traders' Retail Alliance (Santra) says it's working on a plan to promote better inner city management in Johannesburg.

The project is run in collaboration with the City of Johannesburg and will come into effect within the next week.

Santra says it wants to see an end to the manhandling of informal traders by officials in the City Centre.

The informal trader organisation's spokesperson Edmund Elias says, "There needs to be a developmental approach. This process of grabbing people's stock and the process of confiscation is not sustainable and it needs to end nationally."

He says the pilot project will target the more dangerous parts of the CBD before being implemented throughout the inner city.

Elias says the organisation hopes other cities will be inspired to do the same.

"There's plenty of space. But the public space needs to be managed. If we get the Johannesburg model right, it could be rolled out."