MEC satisfied with Roadlink, for now

Western Cape officials will keep a close eye on the controversial bus company's fleet.

SA Roadlink buses. Picture: SA Roadlink.

CAPE TOWN - Plans to ban SA Roadlink buses from operating in the province have taken a back seat, the Western Cape Transport Department said on Friday.

But officials said they'll still be keeping a close eye on the company's fleet.

Roadlink has made headlines in recent years following several serious accidents.

Transport MEC Robin Carlisle says his department is cautiously satisfied with Roadlink lately.

None of the company's buses have been involved in any accidents in recent months.

He says plans to ban the company's buses have not been totally scrapped though.

Carlisle says traffic officials are scrutinising every single vehicle they come across.

"Roadlink is treated a little bit differently from everybody else, but only in this sense that we check Roadlink extremely carefully."

The bus company recently reduced its fleet amid financial trouble.

Several years ago, KwaZulu-Natal authorities also wanted to ban Roadlink from operating there.