Jasmin murder: Phiyega calls for calm

Riah Phiyega has urged the Brakpan community to remain calm despite anger over Jasmin Pretorius’s murder.

National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As the Brakpan community continues to fume over the death of four-year-old Jasmin Pretorius, National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega is calling on members of the public not to take the law into their own hands.

Jasmin was raped and murdered, allegedly at the hands of her 23-year-old uncle a week ago, sparking outrage across the country.

During a prayer session held for the little girl on Friday, the national police commissioner called on the community to work together with the police.

Earlier this week chaos erupted when the accused appeared in court, with community members threatening to kill both Jasmin's alleged attacker and the family.

Phiyega has called on the outraged community to put their anger aside and support the family during this difficult time.

"It's important for us to just put aside some of the things that are hurting us and making us angry."

After the police commissioner addressed mourners, she went to the little girl's grandfather and shared a hug.


Jasmin and her six-year-old sister were picked up by their father Morné on Friday afternoon from their home in Kempton Park.

The girls were meant to spend the weekend with their father at his flat in Brakpan, which he shares with his mother, Isabel du Toit. The accused and his boyfriend also live in the flat.

Morné left his two girls in the care of their grandmother and uncle on Friday night to go out drinking with his new girlfriend.

He was supposed to return later that night, but decided to sleep over at his girlfriend's house.

Du Toit told Eyewitness News that she went to bed with Jasmin's six-year-old sister. Jasmin was left to asleep alone in her father's bedroom.

When Du Toit woke up on Saturday morning, Jasmin was missing.

Jasmin's mother Sasha-Lee was only supposed to receive a phone call from Morné on Sunday to arrange when he would drop them off again, but received a call informing her that Jasmin had disappeared.

A team of volunteers and police officers began looking for Jasmin, who was later found under a bed in the flat.

On Monday, Morné went to identify his daughter's body.

He told the family that he wishes he had never seen her in that state, as he wants to remember her as she was before she died.