Rwandan spy chief murder investigated

Former Rwandan spy boss Patrick Karegeya was found strangled at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton.

The Michelangelo Towers in Sandton. Picture: Michelangelo Towers.

JOHANNESBURG - A case of murder is now being investigated by Gauteng police following the death of R wanda's former head of external intelligence in the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton.

Patrick Karegeya's body was discovered in his hotel room at the towers on New Year's Day.

He had checked in on 29 December.

The police's Katlego Mogale says Karegeya's body was discovered late yesterday afternoon on the bed in his hotel room.

Mogale says a case of murder has been opened with the Sandton Police.

Karegeya fled into exile in South Africa seven years ago after being sacked as head of President Paul Kagame's external intelligence.

The opposition Rwanda National Congress (RNC) says Karegeya was assassinated by the Rwandan authorities.

Management have refused to comment on the incident and say the facts around Karegeya's death are still unclear.

Taxi drivers stationed outside the building say there was a flurry of police activity after Karegeya's body was discovered.

A police statement on investigations that are underway is expected to be released later today.

Karegeya was a prominent figure in the opposition party, despite not holding a specific post.

He leaves behind his wife Leah and three children.

Meanwhile, RNC Africa chairman Frank Ntwali insists he was strangled by Kagame's agents.

In 2010, former Rwandan army chief Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, who's also living in exile in South Africa, survived two assassination attempts.

Rwanda has vehemently denied involvement in the attacks.