NYC ushers in New Year

The crystal-encrusted ball has been dropped in Times Square to mark the beginning of 2014.

New York City Ushers in 2014. Picture: @cchamb469 via Twitter.

NEW YORK - crowds have gathered in Times Square for the annual New Year's street party.

This comes as more countries around the world are ringing in 2014 with fireworks and festivities.

In London, thousands of revellers got to taste the New Year celebrations when edible peach snow and strawberry mist was sprayed on partygoers watching the midnight pyrotechnics.

Around 50,000 people took part in what was dubbed the "world's first multi-sensory fireworks display," while sticking their tongues out to catch the flavours designed to match the colours on show.

Earlier, in Dubai revellers welcomed 2014 with an extravagant fireworks display and they had their hearts set on a Guinness world record.

According to CNN, 400,000 fireworks in six minutes lit up the entire Dubai sky.