3,000 litres of booze seized in CT

Officials have confiscated nearly 3,000 litres of alcohol from CT beaches.

Thousands flocked to the Sea Point Pavillion in Cape Town on 26 December 2013. Picture: Clifford Livingstone via Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town law enforcement officials say nearly 3,000 litres of alcohol has been confiscated on the province's beaches since the beginning of the festive season.

That amounts to almost 4,000 bottles of booze.

The City of Cape Town's Richard Bosman says many beachgoers are still trying their luck.

"The fine for being in the possession of alcohol is R500 and the alcohol found is also confiscated, so whatever money you've spent will be lost as well. If you want to collect the confiscated alcohol you have you pay a R1,100 release fee."

Meanwhile, city authorities say they're preparing for bumper crowds on New Year's Day.