CT authorities clampdown on public drinking

Authorities will be conducting roadblocks and searches to ensure no alcohol is brought onto beaches.

Authorities will be conducting roadblocks and searches to ensure no alcohol is brought onto beaches.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town law enforcement will be out at beaches and parks across the city on Thursday to keep an eye on holiday festivities.

Beaches are traditionally packed on Boxing Day as well as picnic and braai spots.

Authorities say they will be conducting roadblocks to ensure no alcohol is brought onto the beaches and other public places.

Metro Police chief Wayne le Roux says they've adopted a zero tolerance approach.

"Our focus will be on people coming to beaches, and once again we'd like to appeal to them not to not bring alcohol because we will conduct searches and confiscate any alcohol and issue fines."

Le Roux has urged people to be responsible on the roads and on the beaches.

"When people bring alcohol to beaches they leave the bottles there and that can injure people. Let's be responsible and consider our children who are vulnerable to getting lost."

Le Roux adds they'll have more roadblocks in and around the city during the next week.

"Part of our strategy will focus on narcotics and firearms so we'll have roadblocks leading to the beach and we'll be working with the traffic department to monitor the traffic."

Meanwhile, Capetonians and holidaymakers have made an early start to their traditional Boxing Day beach festivities.

Several beaches and public swimming pools have been packed since 5am.

Law enforcement officials have had to deny people access to the Seapoint Pavilion and the Koggel Baai Resort due to overcrowding.

The city's disaster management's Wilfred Solomons-Johannes urged people to make use of other beaches and swimming pools.

"At 5am there were already 1,500 people were standing in front of the swimming pool. We've allowed 1,000 people into the facility, however, there's another 1 kilometre queue to enter the facility."

Solomons-Johannes says they expect beaches to get even more busier by 12pm.

"The areas along the other parts of Falsebay have already numerous people there and we expect many people to turn up at beaches before 12pm."