Shack fire breaks out in Valhalla Park

Eighteen fire trucks are currently on the scene and the blaze has been contained.

Valhalla Park homes on fire. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - A shack fire has broken out in Valhalla Park near Bishop Lavis.

Eighteen people have been hurt and about 350 shacks have been gutted in the blaze.

It is estimated around 1,400 people have been left homeless.

Several fire trucks and personnel are currently on the scene.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service's Theo Layne says they have brought the fire under control.

"We've had 18 people that have suffered various injuries including smoke inhalation and dehydration."

Meanwhile, Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says the city will do everything in its power to assist the victims.

De Lille says the city is ready to help.

"The City of Cape Town will do whatever it's possible for us to help the community to rebuild their structures."