3 killed in bus collision

Three people were killed and four very seriously injured in an accident in the Central Karoo.

The Karoo.

CAPE TOWN - Three people have died following a collision between a bus and a taxi in the central Karoo in the Northern Cape.

At least 31 people were also injured in the accident, which happened early this morning.

The Western Cape EMS Spokesperson Robert Daniels says, "31 passengers with minor injuries were taken to hospital, four were very seriously injured and are in a stable condition and tree passengers died."

In Johannesburg, 14 people are recovering in various hospitals after they were injured in two separate accidents on the N1 in Gauteng.

In the first accident a truck collided with a car, leaving two people seriously injured.

Paramedics say while they were attending to the incident a taxi hit a truck near the scene of the first accident, injuring another 12 people.

Netcare 911's Chris Botha says, "A trucker that was passing the accident, injured a further 12 people, two of them in a very serious condition. They were all stabilised on scene and transported to various hospitals."