Strong rip currents expected in CT

The NSRI has warned stronger rip currents than usual will occur on CT’s beaches over the next 7 days.

Learners of a North West school at the scene where two classmates are presumed to have drowned. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) says strong rip currents can be expected along the coast this week.

The spring tide occurs twice every month but due to the number of tourists and locals flocking to the shores, beachgoers are warned of extreme sea conditions.

At least three drowning incidents have been reported in the past week, apparently due to rip currents.

A teenager lost his life in Kommetjie, a father and son drowned in Pringle Bay and in Hawston near Hermanus three teenagers are believed to have drowned after they were swept out to sea.

The NSRI's Craig Lambinon is urging the public to exercise extreme caution.

"We're now in the height of the full-moon spring tide. For the next seven days you can expect much stronger than normal rip currents, a higher than normal high-tide and a lower than normal low-tide and the rip currents are going to be their strongest."

He says basic safety tips could save lives.

"We're urging the public to exercise caution. Go to beaches where and when lifeguards are on duty and obey the instructions of the lifeguards. Swim in the safety swimming zones that the lifeguards post using yellow flags."