'Zuma booing shows ANC's problems'

Loud booing erupted as Jacob Zuma approached the podium at the Mandela memorial service.

President Jacob Zuma greets the crowds ahead of his keynote address at FNB Stadium during the Nelson Mandela memorial on 10 December 2013. Picture: Herman Verwey/Mandela Pool.

JOHANNESBURG - Political analyst Theo Venter says President Jacob Zuma's reception at Nelson Mandela's memorial service at the FNB Stadium on Tuesday is an indication of the extent of the ANC's problems.

Loud booing erupted as the president approached the podium.

President Jacob Zuma speaks at the national memorial service. Picture: AFP

He says the unpopularity of Zuma is now global news after mourners started booing Zuma every time his picture appeared on the big screens.

Venter says it was clear that US President Barack Obama received a better reception than the country's own president.

US President Barack Obama speaks at Nelson Mandela's memorial service, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, 10 December 2013. Picture: Herman Verwey/Mandela Pool.

People were cheering when Obama delivered his moving speech while some left the stadium before Zuma could deliver his keynote address.

"There was also an enthusiastic reception for Thabo Mbeki and FW de Klerk, and slowly South Africans realised that the choice they made in 2009 to elect Zuma and to oust Mbeki hastily was a mistake."


Social media platform Twitter was abuzz on Tuesday with the hashtag (#) Mandela-memorial trending around the world.

Thousands of people attended Madiba's memorial service including more than 90 heads of state.

Social media analyst Emma Sadlier says all the trending topics related to Madiba's memorial service.

"It's interesting that #Robert Mugabe, #FNB and #JacobZuma were trending on Twitter around the world. In South Africa the number one trending topic is #Zuma and #FNBmemorial."

Furthermore, the social networking service has played a significant role in distributing news of the passing of Madiba and the mourning process all around the world.

Official statistics have indicated that 4.3 million people were using the hashtags Mandela and RIP-Mandela on Thursday night when the former president passed away.

Sadlier adds, "Many South Africans find themselves at work and not being able to listen to or watch the live coverage but they are able to follow what is going on at the memorial service in great detail."