SA actress assaulted in Botswana

Rosie Motene, well known South African media personality was hospitalised after being assaulted.

Rosie Motene is known for her role as a journalist in Generations. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The International Relations Department is assisting well known actress Rosie Motene who claims she was assaulted in Botswana and ended up in hospital.

Motene is an actor, presenter, producer and director, motivational speaker and activist, also known for her role as a journalist in Generations.

Motene claimed on the social network twitter that she was beaten up and urgently needed assistance from South African authorities.

She sent a tweet claiming Botswana authorities had failed to assist her.

International relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela says officials have met with her.

"We met with her and also spoke to her doctors. They assured us that she's well enough to travel, so we've arranged she should travel back to South Africa this afternoon.

"A family member will meet her at the airport and I'm sure she'll get better medical attention in South Africa."