Seized liquor goes down the drain

Western Cape police are in possession of over 360,000 litres of confiscated alcohol.

Western Cape authorities pour down the drain alcohol which was confiscated from illegal outlets. Picture: Rafiq Wagiet/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police are disposing of thousands of litres of confiscated liquor.

Officials are in possession of over 360,000 litres of alcohol.

The liquor is being held at a storage facility in Belhar.

About 14,000 litres of various types of alcohol confiscated from illegal establishments will literally be poured down the drain.

Western Cape Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer, Community Safety MEC Dan Plato and Economic Development MEC Alan Winde all took part in the process.

Winde says while the alcohol industry creates thousands of jobs and is a key contributor to the country's GDP, it does potentially have devastating ramifications if it is used and traded illegally.