Flood warnings for storm-hit Gauteng

The South African Weather Service is warning of severe thunderstorms across Gauteng.

Massive hail stones fell in Krugersdorp on 28 November 2013. Picture: Gavin Carter/iWitness.

JOHANNESBURG - As severe thunderstorms continue to lash Gauteng on Thursday evening, Johannesburg Emergency Services say parts of the West Rand have already been flooded and trees have fallen across roads.

Officials say they've been dispatched to Soweto where the storms have flooded and damaged homes.

The South African Weather Service has placed the province on high alert, with strong winds and hail forecast as well as flooding in low lying areas.

Emergency service's Robert Mulaudzi is urging motorists to exercise caution.

"Motorists need to be very vigilant. Actually I would advise them just to stop on the side of the road until the storm subsides."

The weather services Jan Vermeulen says the storm is still moving through the province.

"The hailstorm is now over Lanseria but is extending over the Kyalami and Sandton areas. We also expect that there could be localised flooding in places."

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