Case against Krejcir hit suspect postponed

Brendan Harrison appeared in the Germiston Regional Court on Wednesday.

A close-up of the VW Cross-Polo with guns installed behind its number plate used in the attempted hit on Radovan Krejcir on 24 July 2013. Picture: EWN/Christa van der Walt

GERMISTON - The case against a man accused of conspiring to murder Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir was postponed in the Germiston Regional Court on Wednesday.

Earlier this year, the businessman survived a bizarre 'James Bond-style' attempt on his life when remote-controlled shotguns opened fire on him from behind the number plate of a parked car at his Money Point shop in Bedfordview.

Brendan Harrison appeared briefly in court for conspiring to murder Krejcir and has been behind bars since August. Details around the alleged plot involving Harrison remain murky.

Harrison used to work at Money Point but fled the country after he allegedly received death threats.

Lawyer Jack Gerber asked for the hearing to be postponed until Thursday as he is waiting for a final decision from the National Director of Public Prosecutions on whether to drop the charges.

He says he asked for the charges to be dropped due to contradictions in the state's case.

It's understood the state is relying on the evidence from Krejcir and his business manager Ivan Savov, who was arrested this month on fraud charges to bolster its case.

Harrison was earlier denied bail as investigators believed his life would be at risk if he was not kept in custody.

Meanwhile, Krejcir remains under police guard in hospital.

He was arrested on Friday in connection to an assault case in June.

Krejcir was moved to a private hospital on Monday.

He is facing charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.