Two found guilty for Henning murder

Ambrose Monye and Andre Gouws were convicted in the North Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Former Nigerian Olympic athlete Ambrose Monye (L) and Andre Gouws (R) at court in 2012. Picture: SAPA.

PRETORIA - Chanelle Henning murder accused Ambrose Monye and Andre Gouws have been found guilty in the North Gauteng High Court on Monday.

The young mother was gunned down shortly after dropping off her son at school in Faerie Glen two years ago.

Judge Johan Kruger handed down the judgment.

He rubbished the testimony and evidence given by both Monye and Gouws, and described their claims as implausible and in some instances illogical.

"Both versions are false and bear the mark of concocted afterthoughts designed to mask or divulge their own complicity. There's no possibility they could be reasonably, possibly true."

The judge further dismissed Gouws's testimony that he did not provide Henning's personal details to the remaining killers.

Kruger described the murder as a classic contract killing, saying Monye and Gouws clearly acted upon the instructions of their co-conspirators.

He described Gouws as the instigator.

"Gouws wanted Chanelle Henning killed. He requested Monye to obtain and provide the services of two men who would be willing to execute a murder. Monye would be remunerated by Gouws upon the completion of the job."

Kruger said without Gouws's involvement, Monye would never have a motive or the information to have Henning killed.

The men face life behind bars when they're sentenced at a later stage.

Monye visibly held back tears as the judgment was handed down.

Gouws appeared ambivalent.

Drug addict Wilhelm Pieterse and disgraced policeman Gerhardus du Plessis confessed and were sentenced for the crime in December 2011, just a month after the shooting.

The two then turned state witnesses and implicated Gouws and Monye.