Henning accused to learn their fate

Ambrose Monye and Andre Gouws are on trial for the murder of Chanelle Henning.

FILE: Chanelle Henning was murdered in November 2011. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - Two men accused of murdering Pretoria mother Chanelle Henning will learn their fate in the North Gauteng High Court today.

Ambrose Monye and Andre Gouws, who is best friends with the young mother's estranged husband, were arrested a month after Henning was shot dead moments after dropping her son off at school in Faerie Glen in November 2011.

The pair have been on trial for a year.

Monye and Gouws have always maintained their innocence and say the men already convicted of the young mother's murder did so of their own volition.

Disgraced policeman Gerhardus Du Plessis and his drug addict friend Willem Pieterse pleaded guilty to the crime in 2011.

But the state has presented a tight case against Gouws and Monye, using not only the admission of the convicted killers but cellphone data and banking records to show a link to the crime.

It remains to be seen whether the judge will make any findings on the testimony about Henning's husband Nico's involvement in the case.

It was put to the court that it was Nico who had the motive to have his wife killed so he could gain custody of their son.