'Krejcir's condition not dire'

Krejcir wants to be moved to a hospital after claiming he was assaulted in police custody.

Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir was arrested on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping on 22 November. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - As Radovan Krejcir fights to be moved to a medical facility following claims that he was severely assaulted in police custody, the South Gauteng High Court has heard that the Czech businessman's condition is not that dire.

On Friday, Eyewitness News revealed that Krejcir was arrested on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping relating to a case reported in June.

Krejcir was only scheduled to appear in court this morning, but his lawyers brought an urgent application for him to be transferred to a medical facility.

A doctor told the South Gauteng High Court that he urgently needs to be hospitalised saying the controversial businessman has bruises on his arms, wrists and parts of his body.

The doctor also testified that medical tests proved he sustained severe muscle damage and believes he was shocked repeatedly with a taser gun during his detention.

But the state's doctor, who also examined Krejcir, later took to the stand saying the bruises could've been caused by handcuffs.

He also claimed Krejcir refused to allow him to draw blood for tests.

But the defence disputed this.

Judgment is expected to be handed down later this morning.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that there are multiple investigations taking place following Krejcir's arrest on Friday night.

One of Krejcir's associates has also been arrested, but police are refusing to reveal his identity.

Security consultant Paul O'Sullivan maintains Krejcir's wife and two sons have fled South Africa and are currently in Argentina.

However, there has been no comment from police on the validity of O'Sullivan's claim.


Meanwhile, Krejcir's arrest comes as the Czech fugitive is fighting battles on several fronts with law enforcement authorities appearing to be closing in on him and public frustration growing.

Krejcir has been in the country for six years and was previously arrested on an Interpol red notice for using a fake passport.

Four of his associates have been killed in the past month and his Money Point shop in Bedfordview was blown up.

In July, he survived a bizarre assassination attempt when remote-controlled shotguns opened fire on him from behind the number plate of a parked car outside the same shop.

The South African Revenue Service has frozen his assets and a multi-disciplinary task team has been investigating multiple underworld murders he has been linked to.

He is also due to appear in court next week to fight ongoing attempts to extradite him.