Sacci: Business should comply with e-tolls

The chamber says companies ought to obey the law, but should wait to see if e-tolls go ahead.

FILE: Sacci CEO Neren Rau speaking in Johannesburg, 18 June 2010. Picture: WikiCommons/Marcello Casal Jr.

JOHANNESBURG - South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Neren Rau on Thursday urged members to comply with e-tolling once the system is live.

The Department of Transport on Wednesday announced the multibillion rand system would commence on 3 December, prompting widespread anger and threats of a boycott.

Rau argues it is best for big business not to flout the law.

However, he says companies should wait before they fit their vehicles with e-tags.

"Given the rocky path that e-tolls had towards their introduction...we would want all court and all political processes to be finalised before we encourage our members to apply."

Rau says buying e-tags could result in unnecessary expenses.

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa)'s Wayne Duvenage believes companies will comply.

But he is hopeful the public resists the campaign.

"It's up to civil society and leaders in society to stand up and say, 'look, this is enough.' It's about people, it's about the public," Duvenage said.

He argues most companies would prefer a slight increase in the fuel price instead of paying e-tolls.

To listen to Rau, Duvenage and a number of business leaders debating the tolls, click here.