Weak rand may 'dampen' Christmas

Consumers will need to tighten their belts while spending this festive season.

An economist says consumers need to tighten their belts while spending this Christmas.

CAPE TOWN - The effects of a weaker rand against major currencies this year could put a real damper on Christmas spending.

Director and Chief Economist of the Efficient Group Dawie Roodt says rising food and fuel prices throughout the year are not expected to stabilise any time soon.

Although a fuel price drop is likely next month, which comes off the back of a decrease this month, Roodt says this will have minimal impact on the economy.

He says consumers simply need to tighten their belts this Christmas.

"I'm afraid this is going to be a bit of a difficult summer. This Christmas season is probably going to be one of the more difficult that we've experienced in a long time."