Chamber opposed to EE bill

The Cape Chamber of Commerce slammed the newly passed employment equity bill.

The Cape Chamber of Commerce has slammed the newly passed Employment Equity Amendment Bill.

CAPE TOWN - The Cape Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday said businesses are strongly opposed to the Employment Equity Amendment Bill.

The proposed law seeks to impose racial quotas on business.

The bill was recently approved in the National Assembly.

The Department of Labour says the bill aims to eliminate unfair discrimination and promote equitable workplaces.

But the chamber said if existing legislation was properly enforced, there would be no need for additional legislation.

The chamber's Michael Bagraim says, "The business community has looked at various problems within the equity legislation, one of them being there's no sunset clause and the difficulty with this is that the act is set up to fail."

The bill has divided the Democratic Alliance (DA) with some members supporting it while others oppose it.

Initially, the party supported the bill but later changed its tune.

DA leader Helen Zille has described the bill as "draconian".