Oppelt mum on Boyle's suspension

It's reported that ‘Sunday Times’ Executive Editor Brendan Boyle has applied to become a DA MP.

‘Sunday Times’ Editor Phylicia Oppelt. Picture : Phylicia Oppelt Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - Both _Sunday Times _Editor Phylicia Oppelt and the paper's Executive Editor Brendan Boyle are refusing to comment on Boyle's suspension amid claims he applied to become a Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament.

On Monday, _Business Day _reported that Boyle sent his CV to the party as part of his application and had been suspended as a result.

Boyle says he can't talk about the issue while Oppelt says she is not doing interviews.

It's understood he's currently not a member of the DA.

But Wits journalism professor Franz Kruger says it's risky for journalists to be associated with political parties.

"One lays oneself open to accusations of conflict of interest. Even retrospectively, people will be looking for potential bias in things that have been written in the past."

Kruger says it's very difficult for journalists to restore their credibility once they become involved in politics.

"It is a bit of a one-way ticket. I wouldn't say it's completely impossible, but I certainly think it's hard to move back into journalism with any degree of credibility."