Hawks arrest 419 scammers

Two Nigerian men were arrested in Cape Town for defrauding people out of R9 million.

Two Nigerian men were arrested in Cape Town after defrauding people out of R9 million. Picture: Sxc.hu.

CAPE TOWN - The Hawks have urged people not to fall prey to 419 scams after the arrest of two Nigerian men in Cape Town.

The duo were arrested while allegedly operating a scam from laptops in a hotel room in Milnerton.

The two suspects are reportedly part of a syndicate which has been in operation in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

One of their victims, an Australian woman, was allegedly conned out of R1.9 million.

The men, Oluwaseye Ajibola Ogmechi and Pius Okunbor, allegedly defrauded people out of R9 million.

Hawks spokesperson Paul Ramaloko said the latest arrests form part of a larger operation.

"In May we arrested four Nigerian men, one South African woman and one Zimbabwean woman. They were arrested by our 419 investigators. Four of them were granted R20,000 bail by the Cape High Court."

Ramaloko vowed to crackdown on illegal activity.

"We are doing our best to clampdown on criminals. But at the same time, people must not fall prey to them."

Ralamoko says the syndicates use various methods, but what remains the same in all of them is that the victims never meet the suspects as all communication is done via email.