Voter registration in a new city

I think I speak on behalf of lots of people who have relocated to a different city but never anticipate how many changes come with that move.

This weekend was one of those moments for me. I became a registered voter in the Western Cape.

There are so many things I never prepared for when I moved to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth almost two years ago.

There are the run-of-the-mill things like finding your closest shopping mall, a new dentist, doctor and optometrist that you have to navigate.

They were all quite nerve wracking but nothing like what I felt at the voting station on Saturday.

For some reason I had been putting off this task for most of the morning, finding anything and everything to do but drive to Woodbridge Primary, my closest voting station.

I eventually pulled up to the school just before one o'clock. Many things were running through my mind as I walked into the building.

I thought of a recent IEC story where all the logistics around voter registration weekend were addressed.

It was almost fitting that I could walk into a voting station knowing so much about voter numbers in the Western Cape, why young people were not voting and what the IEC expected in the province.

The whole registration process was actually quite simple, and more straight forward than the jumbled thoughts swirling through my mind.

There weren't many people ahead of me in the queue... but I waited just long enough to make me think that four years ago I never would have thought I would be preparing to become a registered voter in a different province.

It was time to register.

After handing in my ID book and filling in my new forms which involved providing my new residential address, I read through the new changes to my life.

A voting station official and I then had a pleasant chat about the morning and the public's response in the Milnerton area to the voter registration weekend.

At exactly 13:15 I became a registered voter in my new home province.

Does it make me feel more at home, more legitimate or have I somehow betrayed my beloved Eastern Cape? Still can't answer that!

Maybe the answer will come when I vote in the Western Cape next year.

Carmel Loggenberg is an EWN reporter based in Cape Town.