IEC hopes to reach 2 million target

The IEC aims to get two million first time voters to register before the 2014 national elections.

A voting station in Cape Town. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) believes it is on track to get two million first time voters to register before the 2014 national elections as the second day of voter registration gets underway.

Only 0.23 percent of the 22,000 voting stations have been disrupted by service delivery protests in Limpopo, Bekkersdal and Western and Eastern Cape so far.

The first day of the registration weekend ran smoothly with isolated incidents of service delivery protests which halted the registration process for limited time.

The IEC's Mosotho Moepya says it has been successful so far, but he is calling on young voters to register and make use of their right to vote.

"Eligible voters that are out there that have not yet registered to vote; we are asking them in their thousands of numbers."

By Friday the IEC has recorded 177,000 people who had sent smses of their identity numbers to check if they were registered.


The ward councillor in Diepsloot, where violence flared six months ago when foreign shops came under attacked for weeks, has called on residents to register in order to cast their vote and make a difference.

In May, councillor Abraham Mabuke said his ward was in a state of anarchy when foreign shops were looted by angry residents.

He expressed the importance of young voters registering to ensure they cast their vote during next year's elections.

Mabuke says despite the slow start at voting registration stations on Saturday; he believes more people will use the opportunity closer to the deadline at 5pm.

"It's a culture of this area. Early in the morning people are just scarce but you will see bigger queues in the afternoon."