Theologo's killers to be sentenced

Linden Wagner and Robin Harwood will be sentenced for murdering Kirsty Theologo.

Lindon Wagner (R) speaks to his mother and brother after being found guilty of murdering Kirsty Theologo on 7 November 2013. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The two cousins convicted of killing Johannesburg teenager Kirsty Theologo in a satanic ritual on Linmeyer hill in 2011, will hear their fate in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court today.

Lindon Wagner and Robin Harwood were convicted on Thursday on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Courtney Daniels was convicted of assault while Harvey Isha was acquitted.

The four were on trial for dousing 18-year-old Theologo and a friend with petrol before setting them alight in a satanic ritual.

A picture of Kirsty Theologo next to a teddy bear. Picture: EWN

Judge Geraldine Borchers convicted Wagner and Harwood of premeditated murder, saying they went to the hill with the intention of killing both friends.

Earlier this week she expressed reservations about the pair claiming to have been possessed by demons and on Thursday rejected this defence.

The state has asked that both men be sentenced to life in prison.

Meanwhile, Daniels who was convicted of assault was given a six month sentence, suspended for five years.

Theologo's mother Sylvia has reached out to the families of those convicted of killing her daughter and has apologised to the man who has been acquitted in the case.

After the judgement Theologo's mother apologised to Harvey Isha, who was acquitted on all charges.

"Harvey was a part of Kirsty's life for many years and when it happened I couldn't believe Harvey because of the gruesomeness of my daughter's murder. I have apologised to him today to say 'I am sorry I didn't believe you."

Sentencing is due to begin at 10am today.