Maqubela case: Relatives grow impatient

Patrick Maqubela’s relatives say they’re disappointed at the delayed judgment in his murder case.

Thandi Maqubela and her co-accused Vela Mabena in court on 4 November 2013. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Patrick Maqubela's relatives on Wednesday said they were disappointed by the delay in judgment in his murder case.

The acting judge was found dead in his Bantry Bay apartment in 2009.

His widow Thandi and her business associate Vela Mabena are accused of his murder.

Thandi Maqubela looks weak and dizzy sitting on a bench, head down, breathing heavily during the murder trial of her husband. Picture: EWN

The former judge's relatives have spent the past two days patiently listening to Judge John Murphy recount evidence from the trial.

Several of them are from the Eastern Cape, including Maqubela's former wife.

His son Duma is frustrated by Wednesday's delay in the handing down of judgment.

"It's getting a little frustrated because what the judge said on Monday was that he would take two to three days to deliver his judgment. So now that we have to stay in Cape Town for an extra two days or so is affecting our pockets as well."

The case was postponed until 10am on Thursday morning because Thandi was too ill to continue.

Thandi Maqubela faints while talking to her lawyer during the murder trial of her husband. Picture: EWN

Much to everyone's surprise, she collapsed twice in court.