Judge: Theologo suspects vague

It has been an emotional day for Kirsty Theologo’s mother in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

A picture of Kirsty Theologo next to a teddy bear in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on 7 November 2013. Picture: Vumani Mkhize.

PALM RIDGE - The judge in the Kirsty Theologo murder trial on Thursday described evidence given by the four accused as vague.

This as the teenager's mother struggles to keep her composure in a high court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court.

Judge Geraldine Borchers will today hand down judgment.

The four accused, Lindon Wagner, Courtney Daniels, Robin Harwood and Harvey Isha, allegedly planned to sell their souls to the devil and sacrifice Theologo and a friend on a hill in Linmeyer two years ago.

The 18-year-old and her friend were doused with petrol before they were set alight.

The suspects face charges of murder, attempted murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, to which they have all pleaded not guilty.

Sitting in the first row: The four people accused of killing Kirsty Theologo in a satanic ritual in 2011 in court during the passing of judgment. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

Theologo's family and Wagner's relatives sat on opposite ends of the court.

Borchers summarised the murder plot and how each of the accused became part of the group that would sell their souls.

She says Theologo and her friend were taken to the hill under false pretences.

The judge said only Isha had the wrong impression about the events that would unfold.

The teen's mother, Sylvia Theologo, broke down in court as Borchers started going through the testimony.

At that point, Wagner glanced back at her briefly but showed no emotion.

Wagner claimed he was overcome by an evil spirit when he dropped a rock on Theologo's head and later set her and her friend alight.