Mask march underway in CT

A group of people are taking part in the so-called million mask march in Cape Town.

People take part in the so-called million mask march in Cape Town against corruption and social ills. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A number of Cape Town residents have put on white masks to protest against corruption in government and big business.

They are part of a global demonstration organised by well-known "hacktivist" movement Anonymous.

The so-called million mask march is also being held in Johannesburg and Durban.

Wearing a white-faced mask made famous by Guy Fawkes and the movie V for Vendetta, the group picketed in Green Market Square carrying posters reading, "Your government has failed you".

Protester Nathan Roets says the picket is their way of saying they are holding government accountable.

"We are protesting things such as the secrecy bill. We've put them in power - they need to be accountable to us."

Tuesday's march coincides with Guy Fawkes Day - a yearly celebration to mark the botched attempt to blow up the United Kingdom Parliament in 1605.

Large rallies are also being held in Seattle in the United States and in Sydney, Australia.