Kana showed no remorse

A double life sentence was handed down to Johannes Kana on 1 November.

Johannes Kana during his sentencing in the Swellendam Circuit Court on 1 November 2013. Picture:Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Judge Patricia Goliath, who handed down a double life sentence to convicted rapist and murderer Johannes Kana yesterday, says he showed no remorse throughout his trial.

Kana raped, mutilated and murdered Bredasdorp teenager Anene Booysen in February after spending an evening drinking with friends at a local pub.

She was later discovered in a pool of her own blood with her intestines hanging out of her mutilated body.

Kana was sentenced in the Swellendam Circuit Court yesterday morning.

Swellendam residents waiting outside court. Picture: EWN.

Judge Goliath said the court has an obligation to be tough when dealing with cases of gender-based violence.

She said the court had a duty to take all facts into account when deciding on Kana's sentence.

Judge Goliath said she was aware Kana had a five-month-old baby, that he was drunk on the night of the attack and that he cooperated with police after his arrest.

But Goliath said the court had a responsibility to act on those found guilty of such gruesome crimes.

Kana's lawyer Pieter du Toit says the ruling comes as no surprise.

"We expected a jail sentence right from the start of the trial because he knew he would've at least been found guilty of rape and he knew that would've meant a jail sentence."

Johannes Kana in the dock during sentencing in the Swellendam Circuit Court. Picture: EWN

Bredasdorp community leader Sam Van Staden says the bright futures of two young people have been lost.

"The sentence of life is acceptable. Justice has been served."

The sentence has been widely welcomed.

Government spokesperson Phumla Williams commended law enforcement agencies for the swift manner in which the case was handled.

"We commend the work that's been done by the law enforcement agencies because it's in our interest to make sure that women and children feel safe. It is one of our priorities in government."

Kana maintained throughout the trial that he raped Booysen after walking her home from Kallies Pub on 2 February but denied killing her.

The three-week long trial included testimonies from the two doctors who examined the 17-year-old and the security guard who discovered her in a pool of her own blood in a deserted construction site in the small town.

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