Wits concludes sexual harassment case

A fourth lecturer resigned after being accused of sexual harassment.

The University of Witwatersrand has concluded its last sexual harassment case that was under investigation. Picture: joburg.org.za

JOHANNESBURG - The University of Witwatersrand (Wits) has concluded its final sexual harassment case that was under investigation after a fourth lecturer resigned.

The fourth lecturer accused of sexual harassment was still answering to an internal disciplinary process, but decided to hand in his resignation before hearing his fate.

In July two academics were dismissed and last month a third was dismissed after being found guilty of sexual harassment.

Wits Vice Chancellor Adam Habib said, "We had new investigative processes in place that are more victim orientated than legalistic. We overhauled all our process structures to ensure we deal firmly with any hint of sexual harassment in the future."


At the same time, the university says it has adequate structures in place to ensure any sexual harassment incidents are dealt with firmly in future.

Wits has been in the spotlight the past few months as it was dealing with sexual harassment cases where four of its lecturers had been accused of crossing the boundaries.

Habib added, "We are concerned and that means we must be more diligent and watchful that these things don't emerge in our institution."

The vice chancellor has apologised to all students and staff members who have been affected by acts of sexual harassment on campus.