Initiative launched to stop school violence

Crimeline, SAPS and the Education Dept have launched a major initiative to stop school violence.

A screengrab from cellphone footage of two high school girls from Pretoria fighting which has gone viral.

JOHANNESBURG - A major initiative has been launched between the Department of Education, Crimeline and the police to stop what appears to be a growing scourge of school violence in the country.

Eyewitness News received numerous cellphone videos depicting violence between school pupils.

One of the latest video videos shows an 18-year-old pupil being attacked at a school in KwaZulu-Natal.

The video shows Bongani Nkabinde being killed by a spear during in a fight with several other pupils.

Gauteng MEC for Education Barbara Creecy has drawn the line saying something must be done.

Creecy says behaviour problems need to be detected in early childhood and dealt with immediately.

"If we can reach them and their family circumstances early on then we might be in a better position to prevent some of these incidences."

Nkabide, from Sizimele High School, was stabbed to death in full view other pupils after an apparent argument with a group of about five pupils on Monday.

Crimeline is also leading another initiative to stop violence in schools by targeting drugs.

On the West Rand alone more than 1,500 drug dealers targeting teenagers have been arrested since June.


At the same time, questions are being asked as to why school children are filming footage of their classmates being attacked instead of intervening.

Educational psychologists say the increasing incidents violent footage in schools may be a cry for help from pupils.

Psychologist Smangele Mayisela said, "They use the violence as a tool to communicate what they face in the schools."

Mayisela says there are few councillors in South African schools to help pupils with problems they face at home.

"We're undermining the amount of violence that's in society."

The latest video of a pupil being stabbed to death at a KwaZulu-Natal school has raised concerns of safety in South African schools.