Nigella Lawson won’t dish on divorce

The celebrity chef won’t cooperate with Vanity Fair as it investigates her pending divorce.

A screengrab of The Mirror's website, showing Nigella Lawson's husband, Charles Saatchi, with his hand on her throat. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has refused to cooperate with magazine Vanity Fair as it probes the real reason behind her split from Charles Saatchi.

The Daily Mail is reporting the 53-year-old is in the middle of a new report to be published by the magazine in January which will detail the alleged truth behind the breakdown of her marriage after her multi-millionaire spouse was caught on camera with his hands around her throat.

But Lawson has refused to take part in the article and has advised friends to not to take part either.

The chef, who is currently in London filming The Taste UK for Britain's Channel 4, emailed all friends telling them not to partake in the reveal.

According to the Daily Mail this incited _Vanity Fair _editor Graydon Carter to squelch the article would be published, adding: "Well, she sort of forced my hand, We started a story on her. We have a very good writer and it'll run."

Advertising guru Saatchi is threatening to sue his ex-wife for $800,000 and reveal the 'truth' behind their split.

He accepted police caution after pictures were published on him with his hands Lawson's neck.

_Vanity Fair _will publish the report on the Lawson/Saatchi split in January.