G4S sees decline in cash heists

The security firm says it has seen a decline in cash-in-transit heists since 2006.

The security firm says cash-in-transit heists have decreased since 2006.

CAPE TOWN - A security company says it has noticed a steady decline in cash in-transit heists across the country over the past few years.

A Protea Coin security van was attacked by a group of armed men in Cape Town on Friday, leaving one guard dead.

Cape Town police say they are still on the hunt for five suspects following Friday's foiled heist in Monte Vista.

But, G4S Security's Hannes Venter says these types of robberies have been on the decline since 2006.

"Last year we had 189 and this year to date we've had 146, and that's for the whole industry."

He says its thanks to security companies investing more in new technology.

"It's especially thanks to the upgrading of all their cash-in-transit vehicles since 2006."

G4S adds it's been working closely with other organisations such as the the Hawks and the South African Banking Risk Information Centre.