'Boeremag planned to destroy a democracy'

Judge Eben Jordaan says the group also planned to chase black citizens out of SA.

Boeremag accused and their lawyers in the North Gauteng High Court. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Judge Eben Jordaan has agreed with the state's submission that some of the Boeremag members should receive heavy prison sentences for their involvement in a plan to overthrow the government.

Jordaan continued summarising the aggravating factors and will hand down the sentences in the North Gauteng High Court later today.

All the men were convicted last year of high treason while five were found guilty on the additional charges of culpable homicide and conspiracy to commit murder.

Jordaan says Herman van Rooyen and his co-accused planned to destroy a democracy and chase black citizens out of the country.

He says the state has called for stiff sentences to be imposed, a matter he agrees with.

The judge says van Rooyen was part of the group, which developed explosives and gathered firearms to be used in the coup.

Van Rooyen was part of the group that planted bombs, which lead to the death of a Soweto woman.

He was also one of the men who escaped and was rearrested.

The state contends that he has shown no remorse and cannot be rehabilitated.