‘Women need support’

An increasing number of children are being killed by their own mothers.

People Opposing Women Abuse says South African women need more support.

JOHANNESBURG - Following the release of statistics showing that more children are being killed by their own mothers in South Africa, rights group and Non-government Organisation (NGO) People Opposing Women Abuse (Powa) says women need support.

Figures released by the police also show that 500 life sentences were handed down over the last financial year to people accused of abusing or killing children, many of them are mothers.

The NGO says it understands the mindset of desperate women who think there is no other way out but to kill their children.

A Powa representative says reasons include being under financial pressure, having a low self-esteem and even temporary insanity.

"We need to understand that women who are doing this are probably frustrated themselves, have developed low self-esteem and are angry."

A World Health Organisation study released in May stated that more than 1,000 child murders took place in South Africa in 2009.