Sentencing due in Boeremag trial

The judge is expected to deliver judgment over two days to end one of SA’s most expensive trials.

Boeremag accused and their lawyers in the North Gauteng High Court. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Sentencing proceedings will get underway in the North Gauteng High Court in the marathon trial of the so-called Boeremag.

The 20 men were found guilty in July last year of various crimes, including high treason, murder and terrorism for plotting a racist coup.

The decade-long trial is believed to have cost taxpayers more than R30 million in legal-aid fees for the accused.

Judge Eben Jordaan is expected to deliver his judgment over two days and potentially bring to an end one of the longest running and most expensive trials in South African legal history.

State prosecutor Paul Fick has argued that the men planned a coup for selfish political reasons and wanted to enforce their views on South Africans through violence.

Five of the Boeremag acted as a bomb squad, by blowing up numerous targets and attempting to kill former President Nelson Mandela in a plan to create chaos in the country.

The state wants these men, who were also responsible for a bomb which killed a Soweto woman, sent to jail for life.

Fick would like to see the remaining coup-plotters sent to jail for at least 15 years each.